Pellet coniferous wood (pine, spruce).

Eco-friendly product, environmentally friendly

  • CO2 neutral .
  • Product has a very high calorific value,
  • During combustion is produced a trace amount of ash (> 0.7%)
  • Characterized by a very low content of carbon, sulfur and other harmful substances in the exhaust gas,
  • Melting point of the ash ≥1200 ° C.

Permanent controls allow you to maintain the highest quality product that is guaranteed to EN plus A1.

During transport and storage must be protected combustion may occur only in the intended equipment (see the instruction manual for the device). Packaging must not be burnt together with the contents.

Fill the stove according to the instructions (do not overload the boiler). The product expands, under the influence of heating.

Do not use fire in enclosed, unventilated spaces. It is forbidden to ignition with flammable materials (eg. Alcohol, gasoline).
  • CO2 emissions during combustion is equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by the plant during its growth, which means that air is not emitted additional amount of CO2.


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